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We are deeply passionate about what we do.


Our story

A different approach to logistics...

Established in 2018,

Calibre Logistics Group is a collaboration of Simon Wilkinson and Victor Ferre with ambitions to create change in an aging industry. Over 50 years of rich, collective industry experience shape the descions we make. Our goal is always to provide convenient solutions that help our customers to grow.

Being the difference...

Calibre Logistics was born out of a drive to challenge the status-quo and provide a higher standard of service to customers. Our goal is to simplify your transport operations to align with your needs.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do...

A customer-centric approach and focus on leveraging the latest technology to build easy to use yet powerful freight tools. Simple, scalable solutions for all business - large and small. 


Why people choose us.

We care deeply about our customers needs and want to help you develop, simplify and streamline your freight operations.
Years Collective Experience

We know logistics. Our dedicated team are here to offer sound and tangible Freight and Logistics advice.
Carrier Options Available

Whether you are send 1 box or 100 pallets, we have a vehicle, service and carrier to accommodate your needs.
Global Shipping Locations

We are familiar with and ship to almost everywhere in the world.

Consignments Shipped

Our technology, infrastructure and networks allow us to be scalable to suit all business needs from start-ups to enterprises.

Want to join us?

Expand your career in freight and logistics.

We empower our team to build strong skills and learn from industry-leading professionals.

We are looking for people who have experience in:
Freight Management
Customer Service
Account Management